The Homeless Student Fund – What Is It?

Kim Krummeck, Class of 1966

                The Garfield Homeless Student Fund was established at the suggestion of Principal Ted Howard in response to an inquiry by the Class of 1966 relative to a gift celebrating its 50th reunion.

                Principal Howard explained that as many as 185 homeless students attend Garfield at any given time.  Initially the fund primarily depended on donations from the Class of 1966 which raised and distributed almost $7,000 in the form of gift cards for food and necessities.

                The fund is now under the umbrella of the Garfield Golden Grads, making donations tax deductible and vastly expanding the potential donor base.  The fund is administered by Daniel Lee, Senior Counselor at Garfield who has noted that the gift cards have helped students stay in school and provided testimonials from students who have benefited from the fund.

                The need is ongoing and not likely to end soon.  Please help students stay in school so that they may also benefit from Garfield Golden Grads scholarships to further their education after graduation.


Daniel W. Lee, Head Counselor, Garfield High School

The following summary was sent out to donors before the GHS winter break:

                Thank you so much for your support and care for our students and community.  Here is a snapshot of the impact that your donations are having on Garfield students and families:

Over $5,500 worth of gift cards have been distributed as of 12/15/2017

Over 200 students and families have been supported

We are working with several organizations (including local churches, PTSA and others), alumni groups, individual donors (including students!) who have graciously and generously donated their time and finances to support our students and families in need

Some of the difficult situations that our students and families have encountered this year include:

  • homelessness and unstable housing
  • parents who have lost jobs
  • families who have had difficulty paying for graduation caps & gowns, clothing, hygiene products, groceries, sports equipment, etc.
  • 3 families who have had house fires and lost their homes, either permanently or for long periods of time
  • at least 4 families who have had family members experience violent deaths

It has been a privilege for us to walk alongside these amazing young people who are strong, resilient, caring, and sweet. Your partnership and support allow us provide for crucial material needs that impact their lives. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to supporting our students in need. We look forward to the new year and new possibilities for partnership and community building.