GGG Gazette Guidelines


Deadline for submitting information:
February 15 and August 15 (earlier is appreciated).

General News, Special Features, Other

Gazette Editor
Carolyn Emmons Carpp ’54

Class News

Theldona Shingler Esko ’59


Submit by attachment to email before deadlines above.


Laverne Kershner Smith ’49

Change of Mailing Address

Do NOT contact the Gazette with change of address.
Send Change of Address to the GGG Membership Chair

GGG Membership Chair
P.O. Box 55065
Shoreline, WA 98155-0965
Membership Chair

The GAZETTE is sent in bulk mail each April and October and will not be forwarded. If you travel, please arrange for someone to receive your GAZETTE at the address you provide. Receiving the GAZETTE by email is a great option. Check the box at the bottom of the membership form if you choose to receive your GAZETTE by email instead of by postal mail. If you move or your address changes, you must inform the Membership Secretary. Do not contact the Gazette.